About Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology like the science of yoga arose from the vision of the ancient seers of India the Vedic rishis. The rishis were great beings of spiritual realization and occult perception the lived in the legendary ages of light and truth. Their knowledge was passed down through the millennia by way of oral traditional. Much of it has been lost but the core still remains. It is accessible on the deeper levels of the mind as the heritage of the spiritual humanity, a heritage from which we have fallen away. If we look to the presence of rishis as our inner spiritual progenitors their knowledge their knowledge can again return to us.

Horoscope or Birth chart

HoroscopeThe ascendant or Lagna in Sanskrit is the most variable of the major factor used in astrology. The sun passes through one sing (rashi) in a month and the moon in two and one–half days but the Ascendant Singh changes every two hours. The ascendant is most important factor in prediction in Vedic Astrology with the moon sign second and the Sun–sing a distant third.

This is logical as it is the most specific factor in differentiating charts. Two people born the same day but at different time will have different Ascendant through the other planets will chart interpretation because it determines which houses planets will be located in and what domains of life they will affect.


Every nakhhatra have four pillre (called is charan) but nakhatra’s has no meaning as its own name always give result according to its lord. Every lord has a particular shape it is also helpful in predication below is the list:

No. Nama of Nakkhatras Lord Sape Meaning
1 Ashvani Ashvini kumar Ashvamukh As a horse mouth
2 Bharani Yama Yoni shvarupa As vagina
3 Krittika Vahni Khhurakriti As a knife
4 Rohini Brahma Sakatvat As bull trolley
5 Mrigashira Chandra Mrigasya As a deer mouth
6 Ardra Shiv Manisadrisha As a gems
7 Punarvash Aditi Griha sadrisha As a house
8 Pushya Guru Vanakriti As a narrow
9 Ashlesha Sarpa Chakrakar As a circle
10 Magha Pitar Grihasadrisha As a home
11 Purvafalguni Bhaga Manchakakriti As a stage
12 Utarafalguni Aryama Khatvakar As a bedstead
13 Hasta Surya Hastakar As a palm
14 Chitra Tvashta Muaktik As ruby gems
15 Svati Vayu Pravalakar As a half moon
16 Vishakha Indragni Torana sam As a arched gatway
17 Anuradha Mitra Balisadrisha As a fishes
18 Jyeshtha Indra Kundalakriti As a Ornament of ear
19 Mula Rakchash Shimghaprchavat As lion teal
20 Purvashhatha Jal Gajtantavat As elephant teeth
21 Uttarashhatha Vishvedeva Manchaksadrish As a stage
22 Shravana Vishnu Viman sadriah As a aeroplane
23 Dhanishtha Vashu Mridangakriti As a timbler
24 Shatibhisha Varuna Vartula As a round
25 Purvabhadrapada Achaik ch. Manchakakar As a stage
26 Uttarbhadrapada Ahirbundhya Yugma sadriaha As a couple
27 Revati Poosha Mardalakar As a full moon

Zodiac Sign (Rashi)

Rashi is a very important elements in horoscope every Sign have a particular shape and its effect as a own shape. It is not compulsory that every matching Sign have same result. It depend own ascendant (Lagn) below is the list of Sign of symbol with ruler.

No. English Sanskrit Symbol Ruler
1 Aries Mesha Sheep Mars
2 Taurus Brisha Bull Venus
3 Gemini Mithuna Twins Mercury
4 Cancer Kataka Crab Moon
5 Leo Simha Lion Sun
6 Virgo Kanya Virgin Mercury
7 Libra Tula Balance Venus
8 Scorpio Vrishchika Scorpion Mars
9 Sagittarius Dhanus Bow Jupiter
10 Capricorn Makara Crocodile Saturn
11 Aquarius Kumbha Pot Saturn
12 Pisces Mine Fishes Jupiter

Aries – Aries is positive sing of mars, cardinal fire the beginning of the zodiac and the head of the cosmic person. As sing 1 Aries gives independence, force, self–expression and strong personal orientation in life.

Taurus – Taurus is positive sign of Venus fixed earth the face and neck of the cosmic person a bull. As a sing gives a strong sense of relationship, partnership and communication of feeling. they are apt to be materialistic and sensual and like comfort luxury of ornament.

Gemini – Gemini is positive sing of mercury mutable air the lower neck and shoulder of cosmic person twins or couple (a men and a women) as a sing 3 it gives an energetic nature with a seeking of change and interchange motion and invention.

Cancer – Cancer is the sing of moon cardinal water the chest of cosmic person. A carb as sing 4 it show a need for mental and emotion stability and happiness. cancer people are usually friendly, sympathetic caring and nurturing.

Leo – Leo is the sing of the sun positive fixed fire the solar plexus of the cosmic person a lion. As sing 5 it show a need for order and harmony around a central will and character influence. Leo individuals possess a strong sense of self character and will they are proud, bold, ambitious and aristocratic. They well know how can recognize of others person.

Virgo – Virgo is positive of Mercury mutable earth the intestines of the cosmic person a virgin. As sing 6 it shows the need for balancing energy particularly between body and mind. Virgo types possess good, command and nervous sensitivity. Virgo can make craftsman, draftsman, or artists.

Libra – Libra is positive sing of Venus cardinal air the lower abdomen of the cosmic person the scales or balance. As sing 7 it gives leadership, power and command of ideas. Librans are usually attractive and have a charisma that may become sexual.

Scorpio – Scorpio is the positive sing of mars, fixed water, the sexual organ of the cosmic person a scorpion. As sing 8 it show a need for balance and stability on a deeper or psychic level. Scorpion usually have good muscles and like to exercise. They like to use their martial power on a physical level and can be prone to the use of force.

Sagittarius – Sagittarius is the positive sing of Jupiter mutable fire, the hips of the cosmic person, a horse, centaur or archer. as sing 9 it indicates grace, beneficence, completion and full harmony the manifestation of the will inaction. Sagittarius may become lawyers, religious leaders or successful businessman.

Capricorn – Capricorn is the positive sing of Saturn, cardinal earth, the knees of the cosmic person a crocodile. As sing 10 it show the state of power, order and complete organization. Capricorn types are hard working, persevering and tenacious and have the power for eventual great accomplishments. They usually work for themselves and learn to value every thing that comes through their own effort.

Aquarius – Aquarius is the positive sing of Saturn, fixed air, the lower legs of the cosmic person a pot or water bearer. As sing 11 it indicates the group and the needs of the masses on a higher level Aquarians are willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of all and are strongly humanitarian. They like to take the side of the oppressed.

Pisces – Pisces is the positive of sing of Jupiter, mutable water, the feet of cosmic person the fishes. As sing 12 it show the complete display of all possibilities but not necessarily their proper integration. Pisceans are indubisual are emotional, expansive intuitive and imaginative. They like influence others but are not themselves easily and may be vulnerable or impressionable. They friendly and communicative and can relate to a Varity of people.

Key Indicators of Planets

Each planet relates to various factors inwardly and outwardly their judgment depend upon how that planet is oriented in the chart for example, the sun is significator of the father. if strong one’s father will usually be strong, healthy and successful. Naturally, each planet indicates many things. To be more specific, other factors, like various houses and their rulers, must be brought into consideration.

Sun – father, self, sou , individuality, rational mind ,honor, status,

Moon – mother, emotions, personality, sociability, happiness, home, popularity.

Mars – brother, friends, enemies, enmity, injury, energy, logic, science, mussel power .

Mercury – Childhood, education, intellect, speech, commerce, vocation, adaptability.

Jupiter – husband (for women), guru, dharma, wealth, fortune, grace children, health .

Venus – wife (for men) ,beloved, love, art, conveyances, beauty, comfort, charisma, charm.

Saturn – death, longevity ,old age, disease, loss, sorrow, property, fate, limitation, obstruction, detachment.

Rahu – disease, psychic disturbance, collective trends, mass disturbances, epidemics’.

Ketu – injury, enmity, death, negation, knowledge, libration, psychic, or spiritual insight.

Key House Significations:- (BHAV)

The term “house arose because each of these delineates a specific domain of our life. The Sanskrit term is bhav, which means a mode of being, essence of feeling . This shows how house colors the effect of planet and determines their results. The house are oriented to the cardinal points. The points of the zodiac rising on the eastern horizon becomes or determining point for the first house or ascendant. The ascendant, or lagna in Sanskrit, is the most variable of the major factors used in astrology. The ascendant is a spatial factor and reflects geographical position, particularity latitude. Two people born at the same time but at different place will have different ascendant degrees. The more so the greater the distance between their places of birth. The ascended shows the orientation of the Earth in the astrological chart.

Description Of The Houses-

  • First House – The first house relates to the self. It indicates our basic self –expression in life and our appearance in the material word. In Sanskrit is the called tanu bhava.
  • Second House – The second is house of livelihood. It relates to our earning capacity, our ability to provide for ourselves in life. It dose not indicate career person rather it shows how much financial success we attaint in our career and whatever accrues to us so it called koshha bhav through our own labor.
  • Thitd House – The third is the house of brothers, bhatri bhava , indicating also Friends and companions, how we act as members of a defined group of equal. It show the people we like to do thinfs with the alliances that we make to achieve particular goals. In Vedic astrology thought the third is a martial house, a house of powers symbolized by the arms.
  • Fourth House – The fourth is the house of the mother, marti bhava andis used to judge her influence in one’s life It also shows our house and environment. Both outwardly and in worldly. Thus it is relates to our basic emotional natural, our heart or feelings. And the forth house show land and property, and our ability to acquire them as the general house pf property is shows the vehicles we possess.
  • Fifth House – The fifth traditionally the house of children, putra bhava. It represent our capacity to have children and shows the kind of relationship we will have with them. It shows creative intelligence, our capacity for original thinking. It shows our capacity to gain thright speculatrion (like the stock market ), how we can gain thought our productions, creations, recreation and imagination.
  • Sixth House – the sixth realaters to disease and enmity. It is house of enemises, Satru bhava, and indicates opposition, difficulties, and obstacles in life.
  • Seventh House – The seventh is well known as the house of the partener, Kalatra bhava, showing the wife in a man’s chart and the husband in that of a women. It is the main house for judging marriage and mail female relationship. As the houswe opposite the ascadant or self, the seventh house or Descendant represents one’s opposite or complement, the other the seventh is a house of love and passion, and planets here give a strong sexual nature. Yet it is represent long –term commitment in any relationship.
  • Eight House – The eight is the infamous house of death, maityu bhava. It indicates destruction and dishonor and can show negative, criminal or violent aspects of the character. the eighth is house of longevity, indicating our span of life. showing the nature of our death it also indicators the factors that tend to keep us alive the negetiv and positive implication of house are major factors for determining the ultimate of our lives.
  • Ninth House – The ninth is the house of luck, called bhagya bhava and shows values principle and ideas. It is the house of the father The ninth is prime house of grace fortunate and luck, and gives sudden unexpected gian. This house give us honor, prestige, power in life.
  • Tenth House – The tenth is the house of karme, Kara bhmava, which means action it is the main house for showing our effect upon the world and relates to career or vocation. The tenth house dose not in itself determine the career, for this the first house and other factors must be considered as well. This house is shows skill, achievement, honor, recognition and prestige it is important house for dermining political, social or wordily power.
  • Eleventh House – The eleventh is house of gains called Labha bhava and shows income or that which bring us increase. Through the eleventh is a house of abundance. Which all planets are usually strong and fabrable, both malefic and benefic .whatever planet is located hear will tend to possess its qualities in grate measure. Venus give here can indicate several partners. Jupiter here gives wealth. Mercury gives a good mind and success in communication ventures.
  • Twelfth House – The twelfth house is the house of loss, called vyaya bhava as the eleventh is that of gain. Iit is a house of expense, as the eleventh is that of income. it shows decrease .wastwge, and decay. the twelfth house is the sorrow, disappointment, and resignation. It is secretive house and shows work behind the scenes ,as in hospital or a monastery. Yet the twelfth is also a house of passion , luxury and dissipation the secret pleasure of life.